Fitness at Northop Hall

Here at Northop Hall, we think health and wellness is an all-encompassing term. And we want to provide our guests with every opportunity to take care of themselves during their stay. And for some people, this means having the option to keep active and maintain their rigorous workout regime. This is why Northop Hall’s fitness centre includes professional-grade equipment and machinery for both cardiovascular exercises and strength training, so you can continue to work on your physical wellness during your time with us.

Unlike typical gyms and workout spaces, our fitness facilities aren’t overwhelming or intimidating for beginners. All our equipment is of the highest quality and effortlessly user-friendly, suitable for both committed athletes and first-timers.

Above all else, we’ve sought to create a tranquil, peaceful environment that promotes self-care, mindfulness, and wellness. From the neutral decor to the relaxing atmosphere, we want our guests to feel at peace, empowered, and ready to better themselves throughout their stay.

We feel exercise can be a valuable addition to our spa treatments; a way of guiding you towards greater inner peace and deeper relaxation. And especially when it comes to treatments such as massages, a light workout to start the day will work wonders for warming your muscles and increasing the benefits.

We’ve also left space in our fitness centre for more slow-paced exercises such as yoga or meditation, wanting every single guest to feel catered for and free to use our versatile facilities.

All guests of both Northop Hall and Northop Hall City are free to use our on-site fitness facilities. Thoroughly cleaned, well-maintained, and with extended opening hours, there will always be a space for you in our fitness centre, whether you want to start your day with a gentle workout or to burn off energy after a long day of indulgence and relaxation.

To encourage an even more productive and enjoyable experience for every guest, we regularly replenish the supply of fluffy towels and chilled water within the centre, prioritising your comfort and satisfaction.