Ten ways to celebrate your wedding day in isolation

By April 27, 2020 No Comments

Like many couples around the world, you have been planning your big day for months, years and yes, since you were little (even if you don’t want to admit it) but now, you have had to postpone saying ‘I do’ for saying ‘you’re on mute’ and swap your honeymoon destination for Costa Del Garden.

We wanted to come up with some ways to help you celebrate your big day in isolation, so we have listed some of our favourite ways to do this!

1. Staying In Bed

Enjoy your favourite breakfast dish together under the covers.

2. Get dressed up

Make yourself feel beautiful, put on your favourite outfit and enjoy the time making yourself feel special for your other half.

3. Have a Zoom toast with as many friends and family possible

Get your family and friends together for a Champagne toast through the screen.

4. Do your first dance

Perhaps, you can even recreate your first dance on your Zoom meeting for all the family to see.

5. Create your wedding breakfast using dishes from your honeymoon destination

Were you travelling abroad for your honeymoon? If so, google some traditional dishes from that location and recreate them to enjoy a special Wedding Breakfast meal together.  Or, if you would rather not cook, see if a local restaurant with the matching cuisine will deliver!

Make it extra special with candles, dim the lighting and create a beautiful atmosphere.

6. Celebrate with Champagne

It is the celebration drink! Enjoy your time toasting and spending a quality day together.

7. Say your vows (or make new ones for this occasion)

Tell each other what you would have done on your wedding day to make the day extra special and memorable.

8. Bake your wedding cake (or try to)

An activity you could do the day before (partly to save on the dishes during your special day).

9. Go through your photo albums together

Remind yourself of the times you fell in love.

10. All in!

Bring the ideas together, get your family and friends on to an online chat, create an aisle and walk down it to your significant other. Say your vows to one another in front of your family and friends, have your first dance and celebrate with a toast!

Bonus, get all your friends to throw some confetti at the end.

We hope some of these ideas will help you create a special day during lockdown. And remember, you will be saying ‘I do’ soon.

If you decide to trial any of our ideas, we would love to hear about it!